(if: (history:) contains "you") [ [[you]] again! ] (else:)[ =><= hey hey, you <== no, not you, ==> ads & mercenaries & surveillance, <== avocado's talking to the person trying to get through a day around [[you]] ]no no no [[no|Start]]The knife slides through the avocado's flesh in unseen ecstasy, a perfect machine of division performing its task perfectly. You wonder how you feel about that language. The two halves of the avocado will now separate easily. You [[twist the halves in opposite directions]] [[are finished]] [[fall asleep]]Your eyes close to allow the knife of your mind complete freedom and you begin to see colors and you [[dream]].Just as your whims align in complementary positions forming the symbol of infinity, the avocado nestled between them, your eyelids droop and the world slips away from you. The avocado disappears. The infinite beckons. You find yourself suddenly in a [[dream]].That was kind of fast you can [[go again->Start]] or skip to the [[fake end of the game->end of the game]] or [[the real end->nothing]].Cats drooping, universal basic income, salamander tunnels you sink quickly and peacefully into a [[dream]]. At first you do not realize what is happening, which is nothing. Instead, you think you're [[flying]] you're the [[knife]] you're the [[avocado]] you're [[dead]] you're a towering warrior on a mission of [[vengeance]] you're [[naked]] in school you're in the kitchen making [[guacamole]] with Michel Foucault you're [[awake]]the most surprising sensation as you feel yourself suspended, surrounded only by air, is comfort you feel as though you've always been here, above the undersky of grass, aloft you realize after some time passes that you are not alone others like you are all around the air you breathe is clean and the sun pulling you toward it is bright you all feel drawn very close together you reach for each other and realize it is a stem you are not flying you are dependant you are an [[avocado]] an [[orange]] blossom an [[insect]]you remember being formed in fire and in earth divide then carried, to a forge in a rolling broken mountain a split sunder fire again, not home fire not earth fire but shouting rend you mixed with strangers they made you stronger but cut joined to plastic, airless, dark, contained again, not earth then sharper sharper sharper slice drawn across a crowd of softer earths, scratching impossibly smooth root-tops hew you glide, a perfect angel of division chop dice pitted by water, uncareful, unsharp, no grinding cleansing spark of mountain rootstone only dull dull duller duller they buy [[another knife->dream]] (this was the real ending you so won the game) (maybe)shhhhhhhhhh did you hear that there it was again oh it was nothing nothing at all nothing has a sound here nothing roars forever in silence that is what you heard: all of the roaring [[nothing]] death is long in fact the longest thing is needed to contain the sum of nothing death is nothing roaring in silence you can go back to your [[dream]] if you are in a hurry to be something instead of dead death was no place for them you didn't hear the others that happens all the time but if you've stayed dead this long in your own dream you might really be you are all roaring forever in roaring longer longer roaring longer you forever [[nothing]] forever you are alive you live you [[win->Start]]good for [[you|Start]] go get em sluggerThe first day of Clothed School is usually |rough>[rough] on the kids who come from Nude families. (click:?rough)[ It can be a shock to them to find out that the selves they have were not |onward>[perfectly capable] of surviving and doing their work without needing anything extra like clothing or |modesty>[modesty] (click:?modesty)[(which is an optional clothing you wear in your brain)] or |shame>[shame] (click:?shame)[(which is a natural overclothing you can wear to wrap a modesty, but it doesn't fit well and irritates)]. (click:?onward)[ a loud sound comes from behind the sidewalk how did the sidewalk become a wall where are you're [[falling]] you [[float there|flying]] an earthquake has [[killed you|dead]], validating your fear of nudity and/or going to school ] ]when you're awake do you ever think 'I am awake' no of course not so when you find yourself thinking that go back to [[sleep|dream]]insects don't have [[stems->flying]](if: not ($oranged))[OK so playing a Twine game by what is, ostensibly, an avocado, you reach a point in the story where you can choose to be only one thing: <big>an avocado</big>, another fruit/flower/astral being, or a bug. (set: $oranged to "yes") Your choice was not avocado; let's [[dig in]] to that. ] (else:) (link:"you are so beautiful")[(either: "you [[dream]] again" , "you are [[complete|dream]]" , "you [[are|dream]] only you" , "you are your [[own|dream]]")]the fall is short and then [[uh->flying]]oh good you did it you reached the end hooray congratulations from an avocado you really did it this is the real end of the game and not a less desirable false end of the game probablyAn avocado sits before you, and a knife. You cut the avocado [[crosswise]] [[lengthwise]] [[with your imagination instead of with the knife]] .hi[[❤︎💚❤︎->tablesetting]][[␀->Start]]Did you think the avocado would try to trick you by making avocado the choice that it seemed like you *should* make when really the others would turn out to be better? [[yes|you]] / [[no|trustful]] Did you think that choosing avocado would be the [[end of the game]]? [[yes|end of the game]] / [[no|protest]] Are you here under protest because someone who likes avocados said, 'no go ahead play this you'll like it' and you were * bored, so you did, and they're [[right|you]] / [[wrong|end of the game]] * [[generous->you]] with your time because friends are worth more than anything else in the world * [[not convinced|end of the game]], but you put on a curious face and they're starting to stare at you now because you've been on this screen for a while. Or was it [[something else->you]]?ok you've got an avocado already let's just check the |recipe>[recipe] Foucault gave you (click:?recipe)[ <blockquote>[project]<project| the subtle segmentations of discipline onto the confused space of internment</blockquote> (click:?project)[ Foucault this is the wordiest guac recipe [[ever]] ] ]<blockquote>a whole set of techniques and institutions for measuring, supervising and correcting the abnormal</blockquote> spoons Michel they're [[spoons and cups]]<blockquote>individualize the excluded, but use procedures of individualization to mark exclusion</blockquote> you can just say <blockquote>throw out the peels</blockquote> Michel [[omg]]<blockquote>the crowd, a compact mass, a locus of multiple exchanges, individualities merging together, a collective effect<blockquote> yes Michel it's very |tasty>[tasty] (click:?tasty)[ mmm no really, this is great guac] |congrats>[good job, Foucault] (click:?congrats)[ let's [[wrap it up]] ]<blockquote>Visibility is a trap</blockquote> just [trust]<trust| the plastic wrap Michel (click:?trust)[ you add lemon or lime juice to [[slow oxidation|dream]] you include the pit to release its [[magical powers|dream]] you [[gently press down|dream]] so there are no air bubbles the guac disappears but <a href='http://foucault.info/documents/disciplineandpunish/foucault.disciplineandpunish.panopticism.html'>Foucault's ideas about Bentham's ideas about the Panopticon</a> have your full attention]